瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)参与了向莫桑比克政府提供的24亿美元腐败贷款,在4月26日的年度股东大会上抑制了庆祝活动。莫桑比克的一位代表提醒他们,这笔钱的一部分是以2800万莫桑比克公民为代价的,最穷的,三名瑞士信贷高级员工因腐败而向政府偿还贷款。已被起诉for their role in the scheme,one Credit Suisse management (rewarded with a hefty pay hike at the meeting) claims cleverly circumvented its controls preventing unlawful deals.

致股东的声明,由民间社会组织的代表交付Fórum de Monitoria do Orçamento(FMO,预算监测论坛(英文版)要求瑞士信贷支持恢复性司法,以弥补其在莫桑比克债务危机中的作用。Credit Suisse is asked to: i) accept accountability for its actions in the debt issue;  ii) commit to return to Mozambique all proceeds from the Mozambican Illegal debt scandal;iii) collaborate with authorities to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable for their roles in the scandal;iv) write off outstanding debt arising out of debt crisis;and v) help ensure the people of Mozambique do not have to make good on debts they had no part in incurring and which did nothing to benefit them.

Full text below;视频在这里(at 2:18:50 –  2:28).

  1. 主席,我们代表数百万莫桑比克人民出席了年度股东大会,the real victims of the multibillion-dollar illegal debt scandal involving Credit Suisse.We,预算监测论坛,一个由21个致力于公共财政透明度和问责制的民间社会组织组成的联盟,在莫桑比克有400多万选民,认识到莫桑比克债务危机是瑞士信贷欺诈和非法勾结的直接结果,contractors,莫桑比克政府官员,which consciously and intentionally acted to cause harm to an already weakened Mozambican society and economy,引发了国家宏观经济和社会危机。
  1. 上个月,close to a thousand Mozambican people were killed by Cyclone Idai,a climate related natural disaster that had its origins elsewhere.Many more casualties can be expected from Cyclone Kenneth,我们说话的时候,莫桑比克就听到了。各种组织,国际货币基金组织,联合国,WORLD BANK,估计与气候有关的灾难恢复将花费20多亿美元,根据美国提出的指控,这几乎与非法债务丑闻的数额相同。Justice  Department – was orchestrated  by various parties including former Credit Suisse Bankers who"were agents acting within the scope of their employment on behalf of Investment Bank 1,为了这个目的,至少在某种程度上,使投资银行受益。That Credit Suisse did not have sufficient controls in place to prevent these employees from committing multiple acts of fraud and corruption,没有向当局报告这些官员,even when the wrongdoing was established,它的管理层表现出惊人的失败。One that shareholders must not and cannot ignore.
  1. 瑞士信贷(CreditSuisse)继续担任持有莫桑比克债务的投资者的顾问,并寻求偿还其仍持有的部分债务。我们是dismayed那在未能展示出强大的系统和流程之后,瑞士信贷继续执行这项任务,但没有解决明显的利益冲突,考虑到它在非法的至少,FMO would have expected Credit Suisse to have offered to return the fees made from the transaction.
  1. The debt crisis exacerbated economic vulnerabilities as donors and other development partners withdrew in response to the growing evidence of illegal and criminal conduct by the banks and Mozambican government officials involved in the fraud which pushed Mozambican people deeper into poverty.由于缺乏水和卫生设施,人们正在死亡,luck of medicines in hospitals and millions of pupils don't have access to books and quality education.
  1. 美国起诉书裸露各种情况下,瑞士信贷的内部控制防止贿赂,洗钱和其他金融犯罪and利益冲突完全不充分和无效。Some glaring examples include instances where the deal team managed to alter terms and conditions,without the legal team signing off changes.The ability of the deal team tocircumvent合规团队要求还指出内部系统和治理薄弱。组合的,这些行动造成了最具破坏性的后果之一sovereign世界债务危机。
  1. 主席,在莫桑比克债务交易及其后果中展现的瑞士信贷文化是该银行股票继续表现不佳的原因。Shareholders are reminded that between 2009 and 2018,violations of US Federal Laws have cost Credit Suisse close to USD 9 billion.That is value lost to shareholders.These range from fines for corruption,tax and securities fraud and sanctions violations.所有这些监管失误都破坏了股东的价值。
  1. 不负责任和recklessness有瑞士信贷的历史。就像莫桑比克人一样,Credit Suisse shareholders pay the price for systemic failures and poor governance culture within the bank.
  1. 不像莫桑比克人,瑞士信贷的股东有足够的工具来减轻未来的破坏行为。FMO呼吁股东利用他们的影响力来处理行为,如果允许继续不减的,会侵蚀瑞士信贷的所有价值,破坏银行的长期生存能力。
  1. Shareholders should ask why the Credit Suisse Board has failed to provide adequate disclosures 188bet appabout the Mozambican debt scandal.此外,failure of Credit Suisse to adequately provision for risks arising from the Mozambican debt suggest a culture of misstating risks and failing to manage such risks.As shareholders,this AGM should demand answers from the Board.
  1. FMO正在代表莫桑比克人民开展全球行动,以获得faireroutcome in the aftermath of the illegal debt crisis,and to avert a further humanitarian crisis.We therefore ask,主席先生:

瑞士信贷取消莫桑比克的所有未偿债务,作为各种各样的罪犯,administrative and judicial enquiries provide clear evidence of system wide failures by the Bank.


瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)的回报,with immediate effect,all proceeds with interest,莫桑比克债务危机。至少,这些资金将有助于拯救数千人的生命,因为国际社会在与气候有关的灾害后动员救援工作。令人吃惊的是,国际货币基金组织宣布了1.18亿美元的紧急援助计划,以应对爱达荷飓风人道主义危机,远远低于银行从罪犯那里收取的费用,illegal debt transactions.


We believe that continued shareholding without conditionality,would imply that shareholders are有同谋关系的银行的不良行为及其对莫桑比克人民的影响。We truly believe your ethical and moral values will speak volume on behalf of the people of Mozambique.The realisation of economic,莫桑比克的社会和文化权利不应因提供这种“非法贷款”而受到损害。FMO继续在多个司法管辖区领导各种倡议,让责任方对其在非法债务危机中的作用负责。Mozambicans and international civil society is watching both Credit Suisse and its shareholders closely to ensure that they act responsibly going forward.



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